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Welcome to RevolGo, your premier destination for the future of last-mile deliveries.

At RevolGo, we firmly believe that sustainable mobility can transform the way we move goods in cities while reducing our carbon footprint.


Why RevolGO?

A  e-cargo bicycle brand that combines functionality, style, and eco-consciousness.

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through India’s urban landscapes with ease

Beat the rising prices of conventional fuel

by joining the electric mobility revolution

Elevate your delivery game

with a cargo cradle and payload capacity of 150kg

Always stay on the move

with models that can cover distance from 35 to 50kms on a single charge. Add additional miles with pedal assist

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Delivering A Better Future.

We invite you to explore our cutting-edge eCargo bikes, seamlessly blending intelligence and efficiency to revolutionize urban logistics

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Join the RevolGo movement and be a part of the revolution towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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